Hawkins Agrees to Oct. 25th debate in Syracuse on Hydrofracking and Energy

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For Immediate Release:
October 16, 2010

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Hawkins Wants a Ban on Hydrofracking, Cuomo wants to Study


Howie Hawkins has agreed to participate in a Monday October 25th debate on hydrofracking and energy policy at Nottingham High School, East Genesee St., Syracuse NY.


So far, Libertarian candidate Warren Redlich and Freedom Party candidate Charles Barron have also agreed to debate. Sponsors have requested all the candidates to attend. CNY PBS is doing a 30 minute show on Central Issues next Thursday 21st at 7pm on this debate


Hawkins has called for a ban on hydrofracking for natural gas. In addition to the public health and environmental problems posed, natural gas is just another fossil fuel that contributes to global warming. Funds should instead be invested in a rapid transition to a carbon free economy. Cuomo instead has merely called to see what the study being done by EPA proposes.


Hawkins released his energy plan (http://howiehawkins.com/2010/media-releases/289-hawkins-on-jobs.html) as part of the 10-10-10 International Day of Action on global warming. It calls for a massive investment in renewable energy and conservation to enable New York to transition to a carbon free economy within a decade. Cuomo's plan is for more vague, lacking the force and scale of the public investment necessary to move rapidly to a carbon-free energy system based on renewables.


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