Hawkins Supports Ban on Hydrofracking for Natural Gas

Howie Hawkins for Governor - Green Party


WFP retreats even farther, adopting Cuomo's "let's wait for the study"


Howie Hawkins and the Green Party have called for an outright ban on hydrofracking for natural gas. It presents Too many public health and environmental dangers. Plus it puts money into another fossil fuel when we should be investing in renewable energy and conservation to create a carbon free economy.


In recent months, the Working Families Party has been trying hard to siphon green votes by supporting legislation calling for a moratorium on hydrofracking until next spring. WFP has been circulating Internet petitions to get a list of people opposed to hydrofracking and hand out free bumper stickers.


The so-called moratorium bill has become the position of liberal Democrats. Gets them through this election cycle as an anti-fracking candidate but the industry isn't too mad since the moratorium doesn't cost them any time. DEC is doing an Environmental Impact Study anyway, which means they can't get a permit until that is completed.By the time the study is completed, the ground will be frozen and they can't drill until the spring - plus it will take time to process the permit applications to comply with whatever "rules" DEC promotes. So the moratorium bill has primarily been a smokescreen.


Now the Working Families Party has retreated even further, embracing the position of Andrew Cuomo. He wants want to wait for the EPA to study the issue. No mention that they have rejected the moratorium issue


Which is "let the regulators decide whether or not hydrofracking is safe." After the special interests get to weigh in with the Democrats in DC; look how well they just did with climate change. Most expect the government regulators to conclude, " yes, hydrofracking is ok with proper safeguards.". So they'll writet a few regulations to "protect" the environment and then it will be, drill baby drill.


The WFP ends by citing a Democrat and Chronicle article as documentation of Cuomo's supposedly good stance on hydrofracking -- except it's an op-ed criticizing Cuomo and endorsing the Green Party's Howie Hawkins for Governor as a true opponent of hydrofracing.


Vote for a ban on Hydrofracking. Vote Howie Hawkins and the Green Party. Read his position paper on why hydrofracking should be banned. Don't be fooled by WFP . . . see below for an excerpt from the WFP.

"What's dirtier than Carl Paladino's campaign? His support for dangerous gas drilling in New York State.

The Republican candidate for Governor says he wants hydrofracking to begin "immediately." New Yorkers shouldn't worry about the risks, he says, because "we've studied this to death."

That's odd, because the EPA safety study on fracking isn't finished yet.

Andrew Cuomo wants to wait for the study's results before deciding about drilling.2 That's the right stance -- but we still want Cuomo to take strong action as governor to protect our drinking water from drilling disasters.


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