Hawkins Jobs Plan Would Provide Jobs; Cuomo Just Wants More Handouts to Businesses

Howie Hawkins for Governor - Green Party
Media Release

For Immediate Release: Sept. 28, 2010
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Mark Dunlea, 518 860-3725


The Hawkins for Governor jobs plan is much simpler - and more effective - than Mr. Cuomo's


Hawkins said the Cuomo work plan would be ineffective, just more tax breaks and handouts for businesses.


"We are in the greatest recession in 70 years. You have to spend to get out of a recession. You have to put more money into the hands of the low and moderate income households, not the rich, in order to provide a fiscal stimulus. Giving out a $3,000 tax break to a business for a new job won't create new jobs if you haven't stimulated demand. There's nothing new in Cuomo's plan. Even Herbert Hoover had a better plan than Cuomo. It's the same old trickle-down economics that has been failing to create jobs in the real economy of producing goods and services for three decades. Tax cuts for business don't trickle down to middle and working class folks."


A Green New Deal


1. A WPA-style jobs program for full employment.


If you can't find a job in the private sector, you go to the employment office and get a public job in public works or services. The local community democratically decides what jobs need doing to improve the local quality of life. As more people work, more people will be spending their paychecks and bringing consumers back to support local businesses.


2. A public bank like North Dakota has to make that socially useful investments in new and expanding businesses, particularly in the green jobs in clean energy, green buildings, and mass transit. Private banks and other pools of private capital are speculating short-term, rearranging paper entitlements to income from existing means of production, not investing long term in the green sustainable means of production we need for a full-employment sustainable green prosperity.


3. Progressive Tax Reform. Turn a $9 billion state budget deficit to a $25 billion surplus through various tax the rich proposals (e.g., halt the rebate of the stock transfer tax; bankers bonus tax; raise $8 billion while give 95% of us a tax cut by going back to the progressive income tax during the Rockefeller years).


4. Take the $25 billion and fund the Green New Deal of fully funded schools, transit, and other public services and public investment in the transition to a carbon free energy system. Create green jobs. Promote organic, local agriculture.


More details can be found here.


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