Hawkins to Hold News Conference on Wed. 9/22 at 11 AM to Challenge Cuomo-Duffy to Debate

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For Immediate Release: Sept. 21, 2010
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Will call for increased state action to combat poverty in Rochester


Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will hold a news conference outside Rochester City Hall, home of Democratic Lt. Governor candidate Bob Duffy, to challenge the Democrats to debate him on the issues. The news conference will be on Wednesday September 22nd at 11:00 AM.


Hawkins will discuss his proposals for full employment; a halt to the state's annual rebate of $16 billion from the stock transfer tax; single payer health care; the need for a ban, not a moratorium on hydrofracking; and affordable housing. Hawkins will also discuss the recent census data that shows a dramatic upsurge in poverty in NYS. The poorest Americans have an unemployment rate exceeding 30%.


Hawkins noted that poverty in upstate NY's inner cities is incredibly high, among the highest in the Country. According to 2007 census date, Rochester had the tenth highest poverty in the US, with nearly 30% living below the poverty line - and the official poverty level dramatically undercounts poverty. More than 40% of Rochester's children live in poverty


Hawkins said he would force state lawmakers to comply with the City aid program (Sec. 54 of the State Finance Law) begun under Governor Rockefeller, which requires the state to share 8% of its revenue with local governments. Instead, state lawmakers routinely only share 2% of less. Hawkins has criticized state lawmakers for only providing $14 million this year for job programs for low-income New Yorkers, even though the federal government provided the state $638 million for this purpose.


Hawkins also said that he strong supports gay (GLbt) rights and repeal of the Don't Ask, Don't Tell rule in the military, which is due for a vote today in the US Senate. Hawkins also wants a cut of at least 50% if the $725.7 billion defense appropriation bill to create a peace dividend to rebuild America and fund a Green New Deal. Hawkins says defense spending, which has increased two-thirds since 9/11, weakens America, threatens our security, and primarily serves as welfare for defense contractors.


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