Hawkins in Albany on Wednesday Sept. 15 at Jobs Rally, Picket Line

Howie Hawkins for Governor - Green Party
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For Immediate Release: September 14, 2010
For More Info: Howie Hawkins, 315 425-1019


Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will be speaking Wednesday night, Sept. 15th in Albany at the Jobs Emergency Rally at Townsend Park (Clinton & H Johnson Blvd) at 4:30 PM. Sponsors of the rally include the Capital District Labor-Religion Coalition (CDLRC), Capital District Area Labor Federation, Jobs with Justice, and Interfaith Worker Justice. Hawkins will then join the car caravan to the Holiday Inn Latham in Support of the picket against Jim Morrell.


Later that evening Hawkins will address the Troy Area Labor Council at 7:00 PM. Hawkins, who is Teamster who unloads UPS trucks in Syracuse, is the only union member running for Governor.


At 10:30 PM, Hawkins, who normally works a 3rd shift at UPS in Syracuse, will leaflet the Momentive Process Materials 2nd and 3rd shift change in Waterford NY.


Statement of Howie Hawkins on Settling Mott Strike


Howie Hawkins, who twice walked the picket line with the Mott's strikers in Williamson, New York during their strike, issued the following statement on the contract settlement approved by the Mott's workers on Monday.


"I have been inspired by the solidarity and commitment of the Mott's strikers. They set an example for all workers and their unions confronted by profitable companies that demand big concessions in contract negotiations.


"I agree with the statement of Mike LeBerth, president of the union local, that 'Neither side is happy with what we got. Was it worth it? Yes, because we stood strong and the company knows were a force to be reckoned with.'


"I am disappointed that the workers weren't able to defend more of their wages and benefits in the new contract. I am especially concerned that new hires are limited to the 401k retirement plan and excluded from the defined benefit pension plan, which continues a bad trend for workers across NY and the nation.


"But all workers should thank the Mott's strikers for how they united and fought together, which not only helps their union going forward but is an inspiration for all workers today when the corporations are using high unemployment as an opportunity to demand ever more concessions on wages, benefits, and working conditions."


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