Hawkins to Attend NOW Breakfast in Albany on August 14

Supports Equal Rights Amendment, Pay Equity, Welfare Reform

Available for Media Interviews through August 17


Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, will appear at the NYS NOW statewide candidate breakfast in Albany on Saturday August 14th at 10 AM at 155 Washington Ave. (the SEIU Building). Hawkins has endorsed NOW's legislative priorities on issues such abortion rights, no fault divorce, same sex marriage, welfare reform, and child care.


Hawkins will be in Albany through Tuesday, August 17 when he will join the other Green Party statewide candidates in submitting their petitions at 1 PM at the NYS Board of Elections, 40 Steuben St. Hawkins is available for media interviews. He will be on Susan Arbetter's radio show, The Capitol Pressroom, at the Capitol on Monday August 16 at 11:30 AM. Hawkins said he supports pay equity legislation, a state single payer universal health care system, and requiring that an equal number of women be appointed to state agencies and boards.


"Women still earn only 77 percent of men's wages for equal jobs - and the gap is worsening. I support comparable pay for work of comparable worth. I oppose the feminization of poverty. We must increase the minimum wage to a living wage, increase welfare benefits, and expand childcare, including Head Start for all who want it. We must enshrine in law the basic principle that women have the same rights as men, and promote gender equality and fairness in the work force to ensure that women receive equal pay for jobs of equal worth," said Hawkins.


Historically, women's contributions have been fundamental to the development of our society and yet continue to be undervalued. Our history has been marred with oppression of and brutality to women. Greens deplore domination in all its forms — including sexism, patriarchy, oppression, inequality, discrimination and all forms of violence against women and girls including rape, trafficking, forced sex, slavery, prostitution, sexual harassment, verbal and emotional abuse and blackmail. Greens are committed to feminism, social and economic equality for women, reproductive rights and ending gender-based violence and oppression.


Democracy cannot work without equality for women that provides equal participation and representation. This includes enacting electoral system reforms like proportional representation and public financing of elections that lead to more equal representation of women in all levels of government. Census data shows that the gap between men’s and women’s earning widened between 2007 and 2008 from 77.8 percent to 77.1 percent. Based on median earnings of full-time year round workers, women’s earnings were $35,745 and men’s earnings were $46,367. Median earnings for most women of color are even lower. In 2008 the earning for African American women were $31,489, 67.9 percent of men’s earnings (a drop from 68.7 percent in 2007) and Latinas’ earnings were $26,846, 58 percent of men’s earnings (a drop from 59 percent in 2007).

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