Hawkins Collects Enough Signatures to Be on November Gubernatorial Ballot

Howie Hawkins - Green for Governor
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Challenges Cuomo to Debate Him on the Issues


The Hawkins for Governor campaign announced today that the Green Party had collected more than the 15,000 signatures needed to qualify for the ballot.


Hawkins challenged Democratic contender Andrew Cuomo to agree to a series of debates throughout the state, focusing on issues such as the state budget deficit, job creation, taxes, health care and the environment, including the issue of hydrofracking for natural gas..


"It's time to move beyond sound bites and photo ops to focus on the issues of concern to New York voters. We have had a much easier time collecting signatures this year because voters are fed up with the shenanigans in Albany, and few voters that I have talked to feel that Cuomo represents much of a change. Workers and unions are also very concerned about what they have been hearing from Cuomo. And a lot of residents want the state to ban the use of hydrofracking for natural gas, something Cuomo hasn't been very clear on so far," said Hawkins.


In addition to Howie Hawkins, the Greens are running Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor, Cecile Lawrence and Colia Clark for US Senate and Julia Willebrand for State Comptroller.


The Greens have until August 17th to file petitions. They began collecting signatures July 6. Of the required 15,000 signatures, the Greens must collect at least 100 in half of the Congressional Districts.


Hawkins will be appearing with consumer advocate Ralph Nader in Buffalo on Tuesday August 3 to call uponstatelawmakersto stop rebating to Wall Street speculators the $16 billion collected annually from the Stock Transfer Tax. This step alone would resolve the state's budget crisis and provide funding for increased investments in job creation, housing, education and environmental protection.


The Greens hope to collect between 25,000 to 30,000 signatures. Normally about 65% of the signatures collected by the Green Party are valid, a higher percentage than most other petitioners. For instance, in Hawkins' Congressional election two years ago, the Democrats made an all out effort to knock him off the ballot, including having the Executive Director of the state Democratic Party (then Frank Hoare) participate in the hearing in Albany. The state Board of Elections upheld 4,141 of the 6,000 signatures submitted by Hawkins. Hawkins needed 3500 valid signatures to qualify as an independent candidate for Congress.

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