Help Turn Out the Vote for Howie Hawkins and Gloria Mattera

Over the next three days, please reach out to your friends, neighbors and co-workers to ask for their vote for Howie Hawkins for Governor - Gloria Mattera for Lt. Governor (a single ticket) on the Green Party line on line F.


The Greens of course have other great statewide candidates - Julia Willebrand for State Comptroller and Cecile Lawrence and Colia Clark for US Senate - that deserve your votes. Unfortunately, only votes for Governor are counted in determining whether the Greens meet the 50,000 threshold to establish itself as an official party. Four years ago, our Gubernatorial candidate fell just short of 50,000 while all our other statewide candidates got more than 50,000 - including Howie for US Senate. Julia Willebrand, our State comptroller candidate then and now, got 118,0000 votes.


Sample message - Vote Hawkins, Vote Green, Row F


Vote for Howie Hawkins, the Green Party candidate for Governor, on Row F on Tuesday Nov. 2nd. ( Hawkins' New Green Deal would provide jobs through a WPA-style public jobs programs; invest in renewable energy to transition to a carbon-free economy within a decade; fully fund education; and enact a single payer Medicare for All universal health care program. Hawkins supports a ban on hydrofracking. The Greens and their progressive agenda can win on Tuesday if they get at least 50,000 votes for Governor to re-establish them as an official party; 200,000 votes makes them the state's third major party and increases their ability to challenge the conservative economic agenda of Cuomo and the Democrats.


It is time to vote against the corruption in Albany. Support ethics reform, public financing of campaigns, and electoral reforms such as same day voter registration, proportional representation; and instant run-off voting.


Hawkins and the Green Party support bringing our troops home now and cutting the military budget; same-sex marriage; immigration rights; free tuition at public colleges; strong environmental programs; affordable housing and tenants rights; an end to racial profiling and the War on Drugs; reproductive freedom; child care; ending hunger, homelessness and poverty; legalization of marijuana; organic agriculture; and much more.


OK, I support Howie and the Greens, but I am Really scared about Paladino


Every progressive will prefer the program of Hawkins and the Green Party to the conservative economic agenda of Andrew Cuomo (D-I-WFP). But many people vote their fears rather than their values and hopes.


Polls show that Paladino has no chance of winning. Every time he talks he alienates more voters. He trails Cuomo by 20 points. The only question is how bad he will lose.


If voters fear Paladino, they should also fear Cuomo. While they differ on social issues such as abortion, the reality is that the Assembly will block major changes on these issues.


Cuomo himself has argued that Tea Partiers should vote for him because his economic agenda is similar to Paladino but he will be more effective in getting it implemented because he is nicer when talking to the public.


But Howie Can't Win, I Don't Want to Waste My Vote


Voting for what you believe in is never a wasted vote. Liberate your vote from the two corporate parties. We will never get change in this country as long as progressives keep voting for the corporate, pro-war, anti-labor, anti-reform agenda of the Democrats. As long as both parties believe that progressives will end up voting for the Democrats no matter how many promises they break, there is no reason for them to change their positions.


Howie and the Green Party will win if they get 50,000 votes and get their ballot line back. The two parties in NY have written our state election laws to make it an exhausting and difficult process for independents to get on the ballot. Even if Green candidates survive the process, they have devoted so much resources and time to the petition process that they have little energy left for the rest of the campaign.


When the Greens had the ballot line from 1998 to 2002, we were able to run hundreds of candidates to challenge the two corporate parties. Our vote totals keep on getting higher, and we have won many local races. In 2010, we have 3 elected Mayors in NYC and a number of Town Board, Village Trustees, and School Board members.


But the Working Families Party Says a Vote for Them Sends a Strong Progressive Message


A vote for the Working Families Party is a vote for Democrat Andy Cuomo and his conservative economic agenda - plain and simple.


The message to the Democrats is that no matter how bad their candidates are, they'll just pick up the votes on the WFP line rather than the Democratic line. No need to change. The WFP is the safety valve for the Democrats.


Cuomo very publicly stated he would only take the WFP line if they agreed with his agenda and rejected their own platform on issues such as taxing the rich and opposing the property tax. The WFP decided their own base of support was too weak to get 50,000 votes and publicly said they were abandoning their principles to endorse Cuomo. They recently weakened their position on hydrofracking to mirror that of Cuomo.


The WFP argue that they have a real impact on issues at the State Capitol. That is untrue.


The NYS Legislature remains the most dysfunctional in the country, even after the Democrats won control of the State Senate. And many of the key Democrats that blocked progressive legislation the last two years, such as the Farm workers Bill of Rights, were the candidates that the WFP helped elect, such as Sen. Aubertine and Johnson.


WFP's biggest victory was raising the state minimum wage. That was long overdue but they lost the most critical issue - indexing the wage to inflation. And they won that issue by doing what the unions in NYS had too long done - keep the Senate Republicans in power in exchange for voting on a few labor issues while the rest of the Republican's reactionary agenda was supported.


The WFP has created an effective Get out the Vote operation that they sell to Democrats in a way that often evades election law. Since they sell themselves to the Democrats, it means they are financed by the same special interests that buy the Democrats. But even though the WFP gets a few Democrats elected and get a hearty pat on the back for their efforts, they still hardly get anything passed. While they cite the passage of the recent Green Jobs Green NY program to create jobs and weatherize up to a million homes, a worthwhile goal the Greens supported, the Paterson administration has effectively blocked implementation of the program.


At the top of the ticket, the WFP always run candidates that oppose the agenda they tell voters they support. They get pro-war Democrats elected. They elect candidates who fail to take action on climate change or same-sex marriage. The WFP opposed single payer health care, and their strategy of proposing a flawed public option ended up getting what we all agreed was the worst solution - increasing the power and funding for insurance companies with a mandate. But as liberal Democrats always do, they declared defeat a major victory. War is peace. Orwell would love the WFP.


~ Mark Dunlea


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